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GERUNDS và INFINITIVES I. Use the correct size of the verbs in parentheses in the following sentences. 1. I hope ( find) . A job 2. Try to lớn avoid (make) . . Him angry 3. He is thinking of ( leave) . . His job 4. Please let me (know) . .your decision 5. It’s no use ( wait) 6. I hate (see) . A child (cry) . 7. Gravity makes water (run ) . Downhill. 8. Gravity keeps the moon (travel) around the earth instead of (shoot) off into space. 9. It’s difficult (get) . Used to lớn ( eat) . With chopsticks. 10. Stop ( argue) . & start ( work) . 11. I used ( smoke ) . 40 cigarettes a day. 12. I’d lượt thích ( have) . A look at your new car. 13. I’m looking forward khổng lồ (see) . You 14. He warned her ( not touch) .the wire. 15. Bởi stop (talk) ., I’m trying (finish) .a letter. 16. Ask him ( come) .in. Don’t keep him (stand) . At the door 17. There are people who can’t help (laugh) . When they see someone (slip) .on a banana skin. 18. I’m sorry (disappoint) . You. 19. He was made (sign) .a paper . 20. He told me ( try) .(come) .early. 21. Can you smell something (burn) .? 22. Oh, I can feel something (crawl) .up my leg. It must be an insect. 23. Is there anything here worth (buy) .? 24. You’ll be able (do) .it yourself when you are older. 25. He is too ill (eat) . Anything. 26. I prefer (drive) .to (ride) . 27. I’ve never heard Tom (swear) . 28. You’ll never regret ( bởi ) .a kind action. 29. I’ll remember (send) .you a card when I reach London. 30. You seem (know) . This area very well. – Yes, I used (live) here 31. Vì you feel like (go) .to a film or would you rather (stay) .at home? 32. Sad movies always make me (cry) . 33. It takes me hours (write) . A letter. 34. The cowboy began (fire) . 35. I’d rather (earn) .my living by (clean) .the floor than (make) .money by (blackmail) .people. 36. Best wishes to you in the year (come) . 37. Don’t forget (lock) . The door before (go ) .to bed. 38. We are expecting Henry (call) .us. 39. The teacher decided (accept) .the paper. 40. Donna is interested in(open) .a bar. 41. She refused (accept) .the gift. 42. Richard is expecting us (go) .to class tomorrow. 43. George has no intention of (leave) .the đô thị now. II.Choose the best answer 1. They don’t allow___here. A us parking B khổng lồ park C park D parking 2. I found him ___ at the door. A living B khổng lồ live C to living D lived 3. What made her ___to vì a thing like that ? A decide B to lớn decide C decided D deciding 4. It’s no use ___to him about our problem because he is never willing ___us.A khổng lồ talk, help B talk, helping C talking, helps D talking, khổng lồ help 5. Women can delay ___children because the birth-control methods are effective. A to lớn have B have C having D had 6. The woman ___next door is often willing lớn help us whenever we are in difficulty. A lớn live B living C lived D lives 7. High school student are made ___a lot of homework . A bởi vì B doing C to do D done 8. A sportsman needs ___calm under pressure. A remain B lớn remain C remaining D remained 9. I remember___him said that he would come but he is absent now. A hear B to hear C hearing D heard 10. Vày you mind___quiet? A be B to lớn be C being D been 11. The teacher recommended___that book but I vày not have enough money ___ it. A to buy, buy B buying, lớn buy C buy, buying D bought, buying 12. He showed me___the computer. A what khổng lồ operate B how to lớn operate C operating D how operating 13. We enjoy ___dinner at home but we detest___ the dishes . A lớn have , to lớn wash B have, wash C khổng lồ have, washing D having, washing 14. They don’t allow us___in without tickets. They make us___out. A go, go B khổng lồ go, goingC to go, go D going, to go 15. She avoid___at her teacher because she does not know how ___his questions. A to lớn look, answer B looking, lớn answerC look, answering D looking, answering 16. Advertisers use many methods to get us ___their products. A buy B khổng lồ buy C buying D bought 17. We regret___the late arrival of the 12.45 train from London. A announce B to lớn announce C for announcing D khổng lồ announcing 18. He went on ___for two hours. A speak B to lớn speak C speaking D spoken 19. The students refused___to school in the afternoon. A returning B to return C to lớn be returned D return 20. Where have you been? I’ve been trying___you for nearly an hour. A phoning B lớn phone C phone D for phoning 21. I meant ___the oto with petrol before we left. A filling B fill C to be filled D khổng lồ fill 22. He ___to the meeting. A failed khổng lồ come B failed coming C fails khổng lồ come D failed having come 23. I’m considering___my job. Can you recommend a good company? A to change B changed C change D changing 24. ___ your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after every meal is important. A Brush B Brushed C Brushing D Being brushed 25. Have you ever considered___to live in another country? A going B to lớn go C go D are going A returning B to return C to be returned D return 26. Where have you been? I’ve been trying___you for nearly an hour. A phoning B lớn phone C phone D for phoning 27. I meant ___the car with petrol before we left. A filling B fill C khổng lồ be filled D khổng lồ fill 28. He ___to the meeting. A failed lớn come B failed coming C fails to come D failed having come 29. I’m considering___my job. Can you recommend a good company? A khổng lồ change B changed C change D changing 30. ___ your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after every meal is important. A Brush B Brushed C Brushing D Being brushed A failed lớn come B failed coming C fails to lớn come D failed having come 31. I’m considering___my job. Can you recommend a good company? A lớn change B changed C change D changing 32. ___ your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after every meal is important. A Brush B Brushed C Brushing D Being brushed III. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses in the following sentences.1. Whenever we met, Jack avoided (look) . .at me. 2. Most people enjoy (travel) . .to different parts of the world. 3. Mary needs (find) . . Another job. Her present company is going out of business. 4. May I change the TV channel, or bởi vì you want (watch) . .more of this program. 5. Joan is considering (change) . .her major from pre-med studies to psychology.(tâm lý học) 6. Although Joe slammed on his brakes, he couldn’t avoid (hit) . .the small dog that suddenly darted (lao tới) out in front of his car . 7. I hope (write) . .my autobiography before I die. Do you think anyone would read it? 8. Joyce thanked us for (invite) . .them to dinner và said that they wanted to lớn have us over for dinner next week. 9. If you delay (pay) . .your bills, you will only incur(bị, mắc, chịu) more and more interest charge. 10. My lawyer advised me not (say) . .anything further about the accident. 11. A procrastinator ( bạn hay trì hoãn) is one who habitually postpones(do) . .things-especially tasks that are unpleasant. 12. You should plan (arrive) . .at the stadium early or you won’t be able to lớn get good seats. 13. My mom asked me (pick) . .up some eggs at the supermarket on my way home from. 14. Nobody has offered (buy) . .the house next door, so I think they’re going lớn lower the price. 15. The high way patrol(đội tuần tra) advises (take) . .the old route through the đô thị because the interstate (giữa những bang) high way is under major repair. 16. Would you mind (peel) . .the táo khuyết for me? My arthritis (bệnh viêm khớp) is acting up my right hand . 17. Stop (nag) . .me! I’ll get everything finished before I go to lớn bed 18. When the university suggested (raise) . .the tuition again, the student senate (Ban giám hiệu ) protested vigorously(quyết liệt ). 19. Are we permitted (bring) . .guests lớn the ceremony? I’d lượt thích to invite my friends khổng lồ join us. 20. The đô thị council agreed (accept) . The architect’s proposed kiến thiết for a new parking. 21. She expects (deliver) . .her baby at the new hospital. 22. The bad weather caused us (miss) . .our connecting flight to Rome. 23. We dislike (eat) . .dinner at 9.OO PM. 24. Most of the students completed (write) . .their research papers on time. 25. My niece hopes (travel) . .with me khổng lồ Disneyland next April. 26. This novel will remind me (defrost- có tác dụng tan ) . .the chicken for dinner tomorrow nigh 27. I didn’t mean (interrupt) . .him. 28. You must swear (tell) . .the truth in a court of law. 29. Wiily denied (eat) . .a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies before lunch 30. I finished (cook) . .at 7.00Pm IV. Supply the correct verb forms: 1. I was lonely at first, but after a time I got used to (live) alone. 2. She remembers parts of her childhood quite clearly. She remembers (go) to lớn school the first time and (be) frightened and (put) her finger in her mouth. She remembers her teacher (tell) her (take) it out. 3. Did you remember (lock) the car? – No, I didn’t. I’d better (go) back and( do) it now. 4. We stopped once (buy) petrol và then we stopped again(ask) someone the way. 5. When I caught them cheating me, I stopped(buy) petrol there và started (deal) with your station instead. 6. I tried(convince) him that I was perfectly capable of (manage) on my own, but he insisted on (help) me. 7. Your hair needs(cut). You’d better (have) it (do) tomorrow. 8. I always try (come) in quietly they always hear me (go) upstairs. It’s impossible(climb) an old wooden stair case at night without(make) noise. 9. They don’t allow(smoke) in the auditorium, they don’t want (risk) (set) it on fire. 10. Would you like me( turn) down the radio a bit?No, it’s all right. I’m used to(work) with the radio on. 11. Would your children mind(keep) quiet for a moment? I’m try (fill) a form. 12. The mister spent all his time (count) his money & (think) up new hiding-place. He kept ( move) it about because he was terrified of (be) robbed. He used to (get) up at night. 13. I’m delighted (hear) that you can (come) on Saturday. We are all looking forward to(see) you. Remember (bring) your rubber boots. 14. Jack suggested (take) me one flat and (keep) the other for me. But Tom advised me( sell) the whole house. 15. They let us( park) motorcycles here but they don’t allow us( park) cars. 16. The inspector asked(see) my ticket and when I wasn’t able (find) it, he made me (buy) another. 17. My father advised me(read) this novel. 18. Does she want(because) a singer? 19. If you want the milkman(leave) you milk in the morning, don’t forget (put) a milk bottle outside. 20. The teacher recommends(prepare) the lessons well before (come) to lớn class. 21. Can you help me (find) my mistakes? 22. They didn’t permit (camp) in this wood. 23. Nothing will make me (change)my mind. 24. Parents often recommend their children(not drink) too much. 25. The lord had the gardener(plant) trees(get) shadow. 26. She was afraid(tell) her parents the truth. 27. This evening I have arranged(go) lớn theatres. 28. She doesn’t like people(shout) at him. 29. Finally he admitted(steal) his wife’s jewelries và (spend) all the money in gambling. 30. Does the đô thị government intend(do) anything about pollution? V. Choose the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses in the following sentences: 1. The teacher decided(accepting/ khổng lồ accept) the paper. 2. The appreciate( lớn have/ having) this information. 3. His father doesn’t approve of his (going/ khổng lồ go) lớn Europe. 4. We found it very difficult(reaching/ to reach) a dicision. 5. Donna is interested in (to open/ opening) a bar. 6. George has no intention of ( lớn leave/ leaving) the đô thị now. 7. We are eager(to return/ returning) khổng lồ school in the fall. 8. You would be better off(to buy/ buying) this car. 9. She refused(to accept/accepting) the gift. 10. Mary regrets( to be/ being) VI. Use the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses in the following sentences: 1. I hope( have) a job. 2. Try khổng lồ avoid( make) him angry. 3. He thinks of(leave) his of. 4. Please let me(know) your decision. 5. It’s no use (wait). 6. Gravity makes water(run) downhill. 7. Gravity keep the moon(travel) around the earth instead of (shoot) off into space. 8. It’s difficult(get) used to (eat) with chopsticks. 9. Stop(argue) and start( work). 10. I used(smoke) 40 cigarettes a day. 11. I’d like(have) a look at your new car. 12. I’m looking forward to(see) you. 13. He warned her( not touch) the wire. 14. Would you mind(show) me how (work) the lift? 15. If you go on (let) the dog(run) after cars, he’ll over by(be) run over. 16. Vày stop(talk), I’m trying (finish) a letter. 17. Ask him(come) in. Don’t keep him (stand) at the door. 18. There are people who can’t help( laugh) when they see someone(slip) on a banana skin. 19. I’m sorry(disappoint) you. 20. He was made( sign) a paper admitting his guilt. 21. He told me(try)(come) early. 22. Could I(see) Mr. Pitt, please?23. The road(join) the two villages is very narrow. 24. Can you smell something(burn)? 25. (Look) at me and answer my question. 26. Oh! I can feel something(crawl) up my leg. It must be an insect. 27. Is there anything here worth(buy)? 28. You’ll be able (do) it yourself when you are older. 29. He is too ill(eat) anything. 30. I prefer(drive) khổng lồ (ride). 31. I don’t enjoy(go) khổng lồ the dentist. 32. I’ve never heard Tom (wear). 33. You’ll never regret(do) a kind action. 34. I’ll remember(send) you a postcard when I reach London. 35. You seem (know) this area very well. Yes, I used( live) here. 36. Vị you feel like(go) to a film or would you rather(stay) at home? 37. Why do you keep(look) back? Are you afraid of(be) followed? 38. Sad movies always make me(cry). 39. Where did you have your sister(make) your coat? 40. The old man(sit) on the park bench looked at the(jog) woman. 41. It takes me hours (write) a letter. 42. The cowboy began(fire). 43. I’d rather(earn) my living by(clean) the floor than (make) money by (blackmail) people. 44. He is too busy (take) care of her. 45. Best wishes to you in the year (come). 46. Don’t forget(lock) the door before(go) to bed. 47. He gave up(gamble). 48. The snow keeps(fall). 49. It wouldn’t be safe now, we’ll have (wait) until the rain stops. VII. Give the correct form of the verbs. 1 I am looking forward khổng lồ (see) you. 2 He dreads (have) lớn retire. 3 I arranged (meet) them here. 4 He urged us (work) faster. 5 I wish (see) the manager. 6 It"s no use (wait). 7 He warned her (not touch) the wire. 8 Don"t forget (lock) the door before (go) khổng lồ bed. 9 My mother told me (not speak) khổng lồ anyone about it. 10 I can"t understand her (behave) like that. 11 He tried (explain) but she refused (listen). 12 At dinner she annoyed me by (smoke) between the courses. 13 You are expected (know) the safety regulations of the college. 14 He decided (disguise) himself by (dress) as a woman. 15 lam prepared (wait) here all night if necessary. 16 Would you mind (show) me how (work) the lift? 17 After (walk) for three hours we stopped to lớn let the others (catch with us. 18 I am beginning (understand) what you mean. 19 He was fined for (exceed) the tốc độ limit. Trăng tròn The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons. 21 I regret (inform) you that your application has been refused. 22 I couldn"t help (overhear) what you said. 23 Mrs Jones: I don"t allow (smoke) in my drawing-room. Mrs Smith: I don"t allow my family (smoke) at all. 24 He surprised us all by (go) away without (say) "Good-bye". 25 Please go on (write); I don"t mind (wait). 26 He wore dark glasses (avoid) (be) recognized. 27 Before (give) evidence you must swear (speak) the truth. 28 I tried (persuade) him (agree) with your proposal. 29 Your windows need (clean); would you lượt thích me (do) them for you?30 Would you mind (shut) the window? I hate (sit) in a draught. 31 I can"t help (sneeze); I caught a cold yesterday from (sit) in a draught. 32 vị stop (talk): I am trying (finish) a letter. 33 His doctor advised him (give up) (jog). 34 My watch keeps (stop). ~ That"s because you keep (forget) (wind) it. 35 Without (realize) it. He hindered us instead of (help) us. 36 People used (make) fire by (rub) two sticks together. Date: Subject and verb agreement Choose the suitable verbs 1. John, along with twenty friends, (is/are) planning a party. 2. The picture of the soldiers (bring/brings) back many memories. 3. The unique of this recordings (is/are) not very good. 4. The effects of cigarette smoking (have/has) been proven to be extremely harmful. 5. The use of credit cards in place of cash (have/has) increased rapidly in recent years. 6. Neither Bill nor Mary (is/are) going khổng lồ the play tonight. 7. Anything (is/are) better than going to lớn another movie tonight. 8. A number of reporters (was/were) at the conference yesterday. 9. Your glasses (was/were) on the bureau last night. 10. The committee (has/have) already reached a decision. 11. Each student (has/have) answered the first three questions. 12. The crowd at the basketball trò chơi (was/were) wild with excitement.13. The piano as well as the pipe organ ___ to lớn be tuned for the big concert. HAS/ HAVE 14. The mayor together with his two brothers ___ going lớn be indicted for accepting bribes. ARE/ IS 15. Neither of my two suitcases ___ adequate for this trip. IS/ ARE 16.There ___ a menu of committee members on the head-table. ARE/ IS 17. Everybody in the class ___ done the homework well in advance. HAS/ HAVE 18. The jury ___ their seats in the courtroom. TAKE/ TAKES 19. Neither the teacher nor the students ___ khổng lồ understand this assignment. SEEM/ SEEMS 20. ___ either my father or my brothers made a down-payment on the house? HAS/HAVE 21. Hartford is one of those cities that ___ working hard khổng lồ reclaim a riverfront. IS/ARE 22. Some of the grain ___ gone bad. HAVE/ HAS 23. John or his brother ___ going khổng lồ be responsible for this. ARE/ IS 24. A few of the students ___ doing so well they can skip the next course. ARE/ IS 25. Either the Committee on Course kiến thiết or the Committee on College Operations ___ these matters. DECIDE/ DECIDES 26. One of my instructors ___ written a letter of recommendation for me. HAVE HAS Dr. Ferndon is one of those professors who ___ distracted most of the time. SEEM/ SEEMS 27. ___ either Luis or his parents written lớn Angela? HAVE/ HAS 28. Neither Luis nor his parents ___ the least bit interested in keeping in cảm biến with her. IS/ ARE 29.Everybody on this team ___ really hard to lớn please the new coach. TRY/ TRIES 30. Because there ___ so many students in that class, I can sometimes sleep in the back row. ARE/ IS 31 Neither traffic light neither the one on Asylum Avenue nor the one on Farmington Avenue ___ working after the storm. WAS/ WERE 32 Mr. Bradley, along with his two sisters, ___ lived in this town for thirty years. HAVE/ HAS 33. There ___ no reasons for this horrible development that I can see. IS/ ARE 34. Some of the water ___ already gone bad. HAVE/ HAS 35. One of these students ___ obviously cheated on the exam. HAVE/ HAS 36. Either the UConn Women"s Team or the UConn Men"s Team ___ going lớn be national champion this year. ARE/ IS 37. Carlos & his brother Raoul ___ traveling across the country next summer. (is/ are) 38. Several of the students ___ decided to lớn withdraw from the course. (have/ has) 39.Neither of the films___worth seeing. (ARE/ IS) 40.

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I am the one who___ahead of the rest. (STAYS/ STAY)