Bổ sung thêm sách bài tập ship hàng cho vấn đề học giờ đồng hồ Anh của các bạn học sinh lớp 12, thích Tiếng Anh share “Bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 12 – Mai Lan Hương” bản WORD. Sách cung ứng các bài xích tập tiếng Anh lớp 12, gồm những bài tập theo 16 unit gồm trong SGK công tác cũ. Tài liệu bản WORD để học viên và giáo viên rất có thể tham khảo có tác dụng tài liệu giảng dạy.

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UNIT 1: home LIFE

Write /s/, /z/ or /iz/ to lớn show how the s ending is pronounced.
1.potatoes11. Caves21.Learns
2.rubs12. Plays22.Stops
3.cooks13. Maps23.Digs
4.rises14. Flats24.churches
5.clothes15. Bathes25.comes
6.lengths16. Baths26.Rose’s
7.calculates17. Stages27.Daniel’s
8.reads18. Wears ’28.Frank’s
9.massages19. Thanks29.Elizabeth’s
10. Laughs20. Coughs30.Smith’s
Complete each of the following sentences with an appropriate word from the box.

frankly shifts mischief chores confidence trick

leftovers hands close-knit laboratory

I come from a____________ family; we never keep secrets from one another,Spoiled children are often up lớn ________________The more he fails, the more he loses_____________ in his abilities.__________ are the, uneaten edible remains of a meal after the meal is over.She speaks _____________ about her broken-heart when love affairs fail.It would be nice if we can join ____________ to lớn celebrate Valentine’s Day.Men vị roughly đôi mươi percent of household_____ like laundry and cleaning.The thought of working night _____________ put her off becoming a nurse.Typical pharmaceutical scientists spend most of their time in a .He didn’t really have a serious accident – that’s just aFill in each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets.This insurance plan offers your family financial in the sự kiện of your death, (secure)She is a very_______ She is always helpful và sympathetic toward other people, (care)If you continue khổng lồ __________ the rules, you will be punished, (obedient)She was unable, or __________ ,to give me further details, (will)She has been________ involved in many human rights campaigns, (act)They were seeking an ultimate________ khổng lồ the city’s traffic problem, (solve)The electric company admitted their_____________ for the blackout, respond)My family has always been very _______________ of what I do, (support)Students now live with a lot of_________________ from their studies, (press)Boys are considered more ______________ , & stubborn than girls, mischief)Complete the sentence, using either the past simple or past progressive of the verbs in parentheses.When Mrs. Chu ______ (hear) a strange noise, she ______ (get) up to investigate.I­ ____________ (not hear) the thunder during the storm last night because

I _____________ (sleep).

At eight o’clock last night, I__________ (practice) the piano.When I _________ (be) a child, we __________ (make) our own amusementIt _______ (happen) while I _____________ (live) in Eastbourne last year.I ___________ (live) in London for ten years while I ________ (be) a child.As I (walk) down the road, I ____________ (see) Bill.I got a package in the mail. When I _________ (open) it, I __________ (find) a surprise.While Jane __________ (wash) the dishes, her brothers _____________ (watch) television.I ________ (rewind) the rented clip before I________ (return) it to the store yesterday.When he realized I ________________ (look) at him, he _______ (turn) away.Richard ______________ (live) in Chicago for five years when his company _________ (transfer) him to lớn New York.He usually wears sandals but when I last__________ (see) him he _________ (wear) boots.I was alone in the house at that time because Mr. Jones__________________(work) in the garage and Mrs. Jones________________(shop)Jane_________ (meet) her husband while she _________ (study) law at Harvard.Underline the correct answer.On my last visit to lớn Wixton I found that the village hadn’t changed /didn’t changeMark has taken / took many trips to Asia since he has started / started his own import-export business.When I was introduced to Carol, I was sure that I had met / met her before.Argentina has won / won the World Cup in 1986 for the second time since the cup was / has been first awarded in 1930.When the teacher had cornel came in, all the students had stood / stoodBy the time Jackson had arrived / arrived to lớn help, we had already finished / already finished moving everything.I can’t come khổng lồ your các buổi party because I broke / have broken my leg.As soon as I had turned / turned the ignition key, the engine had caught / caughtWhen they got / had got married, they knew / had known each other for 15 years.My brother has written / wrote several plays. He has just finished / just finished his second tragedy.

The apartment was hot when I had got / got home, so I had turned / turned on the air conditioner.Ann has started / started a letter khổng lồ her parents last week, but she still hasn’t finished / didn’t finishI knew / have known Tim when he was a child, but I didn’t see / haven’t seen him for many years.It was the fifth time she asked / had asked me the same question.I have read / read his books when I has been / was at school. Have you ever read / Did you ever read his books?Complete the sentences with the correct size or tense of the verbs in brackets.When Glen_______ (open) the book, some pages ____________ (fall) out.Since she __________ (work) at the company she ________________ (not have) a day off through illness.It was the first, time I __________________ (talk) to Ella outside theMy boss__________ (come) into the office just as I_____________ (show) holiday photos.Mozart___________ (die) while he _____ (compose) the Requiem.At the time of the robbery, they_____________ (stay) with my parents.Count________ (work) as a cashier for twenty-five years. Then he

______________ ( retire) and___________(go) to lớn live in the country.

The pollution problem________________ (get) worse over the last decade.I _________________ (not/ see) Jane for ages. When I last _________ (see) her, she __________ (try) khổng lồ find a job.In a surprise move, the Prime Minister ___________ (resign) last night.Alexander Graham Bell _______ (already/ invent) the telephone by the time I was born.That’s the first time I______________ (see) Jan look embarrassed.I didn’t know who she was. I_________ (never/ see) her before.I _______ (buy) a new alarm clock the other day in Taylor’s the jewelers, when I actually (see) somebody shoplifting.I _______________ (not like) having Sam for my roommate last/year. He

_________ (always/ leave). This dirty clothes on the foor.

Are the underlined parts of these sentences right or wrong? Correct them where necessary.Carla has not seen snow before coming to lớn New York.David ate in this restaurant several times.I have met Abdul in my first English class last June. We are friends since that day.Since I came to this country, I was learning a lot about the way of living here.In the early part of last week, Americans everywhere have gone lớn the polls to lớn vote.We thought that our original plan was a good one, but we modified it a great deal over the past few weeks.While I was surfing the net yesterday, I was finding a really interesting website.Since it was invented in 1879, the light bulb became indispensable in American household.When I am writing, my composition last night, someone knocks on the door.By the time I got to the party, most people wentComplete each of these sentences with an appropriate preposition.Will you take responsibility arranging the food?As I am now in my final year _________the secondary school, I am________ a

lot of study pressure.

Can you give me a hand___________ loading the van?We are a very close-knit family và very­­­­­­­­­­­­ supportive ______________one another.Please will you all join__________ me _______singing the national anthem.Whenever problems come__________, we discuss them frankly và find solutions quickly.Women’s responsibility is to lớn look __________________the family.The children are very excited ___________________their camping holiday.Responsibility is shared ___________________parents & teachers.She has every confidence________________ her students’ abilities.Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning lớn the first.Steve started working for this company five years ago.

Steve has_______________________________________________________________

Do you have any experience of driving this kind of ear?

Have you_______________________________________________________________

When she heard the results, Mary began to lớn feel more confident.


Nancy hasn’t come since 1999.

The last time_________________________________________________________

During my dinner, the phone rang.


David left the các buổi tiệc nhỏ before we arrived there.


We haven’t gone lớn a concert for ages.


Sarah hasn’t seen her friends since she left for the United States.

Sarah last____________________________________________________________

I have never stayed in such an expensive khách sạn before.

This is_______________________________________________________________

In the middle of our sleep there were a knock at the door.


My wait for a bus has lasted thirty minutes so far.

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Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music before he was 35.

By the age­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________________