Tổng hợp bài xích tập trắc nghiệm giờ Anh lớp 6 Unit 2: My trang chủ có đáp án, hỗ trợ các em rèn các kĩ năng như: Phonetics, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing.

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Trọn bộ câu hỏi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 6 Unit 2: My home có đáp án. Cung cấp tài liệu tìm hiểu thêm miễn phí tổn và hữu ích dành riêng cho các em học tập sinh, quý thầy cô giáo, sẵn sàng tốt cho những kì thi quan trọng đặc biệt sắp tới.

Bộ 60 thắc mắc trắc nghiệm giờ Anh 6 Unit 2: My Home

Mời các bạn theo dõi cụ thể tại đây:

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 2: Phonetics và Speaking

Choose the letter A, B, C or D the word that has the underlined part different from others.

Question 1:

A. houses

B. fridges

C. stores

D. oranges

Question 2:

A. villas

B. rooms

C. attics

D. beds

Question 3:

A. lamps

B. kitchens

C. drawers

D. wardrobes

Question 4:

A. toilets

B. sofas

C. lamps

D. attics

Question 5:

A. tables

B. chairs

C. sinks

D. chests

Question 6:

A. villa

B. sofa

C. apartment

D. table

Question 7:

A. bedroom

B. kitchen

C. toilet

D. between

Question 8:

A. behind

B. microwave

C. dishwasher

D. fridge

Question 9:

A. next

B. under

C. messy

D. chest

Question 10:

A. crazy

B. table

C. bathroom

D. wave

Question 11:

A. department

B. behind

C. toilet

D. between

Question 12:

A. back

B. bath

C. attic

D. hall

Question 13:

A. under

B. furniture

C. umbrella

D. funny

Question 14:

A. furniture

B. apartment

C. poster

D. town

Question 15:

A. front

B. sofa

C. open

D. show

►► ĐÁP ÁN:

1.C 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.C 11.A 12.D 13.B 14.A 15.A

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 2: Vocabulary and Grammar

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to lớn complete the sentences

Question 1: There ___________ a phone on the table.

A. is

B. are

C. be

D. being

Question 2: The wardrobe is _________ the fridge and the bed.

A. next

B. behind

C. between

D. front

Question 3: The room my family often get together và watch TV is ___________.

A. bedroom

B. bathroom

C. toilet

D. living room

Question 4: I often do my homework ___________ my bedroom.

A. on

B. in

C. under

D. near

Question 5: Every day, my mother ___________ the washing up with the help of the washing machine.

A. has

B. does

C. makes

D. gets

Question 6: There __________ no dishwasher in my house.

A. are

B. was

C. is

D. were

Question 7: It’s very kind of you __________ me with the cooking.

A. helping

B. help

C. to help

D. helps

Question 8: Every morning, my sister gets up early _________ the house.

A. to clean

B. cleaning

C. clean

D. cleaned

Question 9: Will your mom be amazed at your __________ room?

A. tidy

B. clean

C. messy

D. small

Question 10: __________ is the machine used khổng lồ wash the dishes.

A. dishwasher

B. furniture

C. apartment

D. wardrobe

Question 11: Would you mind __________ the window?

A. cleaning

B. washing

C. doing

D. opening

Question 12: How many ________ are there in your house?

A. door

B. rooms

C. phone

D. classes

Question 13: Are there some pictures _________ the wall?

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. to

Question 14: – Where is your children? – They _____________ TV in the living room.

A. are watching

B. watches

C. watched

D. to watch

Question 15: You must ____________ your hands before meals.

A. washing

B. to wash

C. washes

D. wash

►► ĐÁP ÁN:

1.A 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.C 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.A 11.D 12.B 13.B 14.A 15.D

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 2: Reading

Read the passage below và decide whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE?

I’m Anna. I’m at grade 6. I live in a peaceful house in the countryside with my family. My neighborhood is very nice & quiet. My house is my favorite place. There is a yard behind my house, so I can play sports or games with my elder brother. There is also a small pool so that I can swim in the summer. My house is small but it has a garden. There are many flowers in the garden & there are tall trees around my house. I love gardening so much.

Question 1: Anna is a student. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Question 2: She lives in the thành phố with her family. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Question 3: The yard is in front of her house. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Question 4: She can swim. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Question 5: There is no garden in her house. True or false?

A. True

B. False

Choose the letter A, B, C or D to lớn complete the passage below

This is Peter. He is twelve years old. He is a student. He ___________ (6) in a big villa in the suburb of the city. There __________ (7) 4 people in his family: his parents, his younger sister và him. His father is an engineer. His mother is a teacher. Và his younger sister is a pupil. There are 5 rooms ________ (8) his house: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom và toilet. The living room is his _________ (9) place ________ (10) he can sit on the armchair & watch television with his family.

Question 6:

A. lives

B. live

C. living

D. lived

Question 7:

A. is

B. be

C. being

D. are

Question 8:

A. at

B. in

C. of

D. to

Question 9:

A. favorite

B. boring

C. messy

D. noisy

Question 10:

A. because

B. but

C. so

D. however

Choose the letter A, B, C or D lớn answer these following questions

Bob is a student. This is his bedroom. He does his homework, play computer games & relax here. There is a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, a bed & a bookshelf in his room. The wardrobe is between the desk và the bed. There is a computer, ten books và five pens on his desk. There are some pictures of his family on the wall. He loves this room so much, so he cleans it regularly.

Question 11: What is his name?

A. Bob

B. Bing

C. Bunny

D. Ben

Question 12: What does Bob bởi in his bedroom?

A. He does his homework

B. He sleeps

C. He plays computer games

D. All are correct

Question 13: What is there in his room?

A. television

B. washing machine

C. wardrobe

D. telephone

Question 14: Where is the wardrobe?

A. next to the chair

B. between the desk và the bed

C. in front of the bookshelf

D. on the wall

Question 15: How many pens are there in his desk?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

►► ĐÁP ÁN:

1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.A 11.A 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.D

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 2: Writing

Choose the letter A, B, C or D lớn complete the sentences with given words

Question 1: How many/ picture/ there/ wall?

A. How many pictures is there in the wall?

B. How many pictures are there on the wall?

C. How many picture is there on the wall?

D. How many picture are there in the wall?

Question 2: This/ department store/ to lớn the left/ post office.

A. This department store is to lớn the left of the post office.

B. This department store to lớn the left the post office.

C. This department store is lớn the left the post office.

D. This department store to the left of the post office.

Question 3: My uncle/ live/ countryside/ family.

A. My uncle live in the countryside family.

B. My uncle lives in the countryside with her family.

C. My uncle lives in the countryside with his family.

D. My uncle live in the countryside khổng lồ family.

Question 4: Her cat/ play with/ ball/ under/ table now.

A. Her cát plays with the ball under the table now.

B. Her mèo is playing with a ball under the table now.

C. Her cat play with a ball under the table now.

D. Her cát is playing with the ball under table now.

Question 5: Could you/ show/ me/ way/ cinema, please?

A. Could you show me way khổng lồ the cinema, please?

B. Could you khổng lồ show me the way to the cinema, please?

C. Could you show me the way khổng lồ the cinema, please?

D. Could you to show me way to lớn cinema, please?

Rearrange the sentences to make meaningful sentences

Question 6: There/ house/ tree/ our/ is/ behind/ a.

A. There our tree is behind a house.

B. There a house behind is our tree.

C. There is our house behind tree a.

D. There is a tree behind our house.

Question 7: I/ play/ how to/ know/ game/ don’t/ the.

A. I don’t know how khổng lồ play the game.

B. I know don’t the chơi game how to.

C. I how khổng lồ don’t play know the game.

D. I don’t play the game how khổng lồ know.

Question 8: My/ bedroom/ house/ in my/ favorite/ room/ is/ my.

A. My house favorite room in my bedroom is my.

B. My my favorite is room bedroom in my house.

C. My favorite room in my house is my bedroom.

D. My favorite bedroom is room my in my house.

Question 9: follow/ It’s/ to/ direction/ difficult.

A. It’s difficult lớn follow your direction.

B. It’s direction to follow your difficult.

C. It’s follow to lớn direction your difficult.

D. It’s follow to lớn difficult your direction.

Rewrite sentences without changing the meaning

Question 10: The table is in front of the television.

A. The television is opposite the table.

B. The television is under the table.

C. The television is next lớn the table.

D. The television is behind the table.

Question 11: My house has 4 rooms.

A. There is 4 rooms in my house.

B. There are 4 rooms in my house.

C. My room is having 4 houses.

D. My house has many rooms.

Question 12: A villa is bigger than an apartment.

A. An apartment is not as big as a villa.

B. A villa is the biggest.

C. An apartment is the smallest.

D. A villa is smaller than an apartment.

Question 13: Let’s clean this messy room.

A. This messy room need to lớn clean.

B. How about cleaning this messy room?

C. What is to clean this messy room?

D. Why cleaning this messy room?

Question 14: Despite having a bike, John always walks lớn school.

A. Because he has a bike, John never walks lớn school.

B. Although having a bike, John never walks to school.

C. Because having a bike, John always walks lớn school.

D. Although he has a bike, John always walks khổng lồ school.

Question 15: The back yard is not big enough for us to play in.

A. The back yard is too small for us to lớn play in.

B. The back yard is so big that we can play in it.

C. The back yard is such a big that we can play in.

D. The back yard is small enough for us lớn play in.

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►► ĐÁP ÁN:

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.B 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.A

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