Cùng Kênh tuyển chọn Sinh ôn tập kiến thức và kỹ năng về câu thụ động trong giờ đồng hồ Anh thuộc loạt bài xích tập dưới đây nhé!

Bài tập tiếng Anh: câu hỏi đuôi

Cùng Kênh tuyển Sinh ôn tập kỹ năng và kiến thức về câu hỏi đuôi trong giờ đồng hồ Anh thuộc loạt bài bác tập tiếp sau đây nhé!

Bài 1: Choose the correct answer.

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1. Some body cleans the room every daya. The room every day is cleanedb. The room is every day cleanedc. The room is cleaned every dayd. The room is cleaned by somebody every day

2. They cancelled all flights because of fog.a. All flights because of fog were cancelled.b. All flights were cancelled because of fog.c. All flights were because of fog cancelledd. All flights were cancelled by them because of fog

3. People don"t use this road very often.a. This road is not used very oftenb. Not very often this road is not usedc. This road very often is not usedd. This road not very often is used

4. Somebody accused me of stealing moneya. I was accused by somebody of stealing money.b. I was accused of stealing moneyc. I was accused of stealing money by somebodyd. I was accused stealing money.

5. How vì chưng people learn languages?a. How are languages learned?b. How are languages learned by people?c. How languages are learned?d. Languages are learned how?6. People warned us not lớn go out alone.a. We were warned not going out aloneb. We were warned not khổng lồ go out alone by people.c. We weren"t warned to go out alone.d. We were warned not to go out alone.

7. Somebody is using the computer at the moment.a. The computer is being use at the moment.b. The computer at the moment is being used.c. The computer is being used by some body at the moment.d. The computer is used at the moment.

8. I didn"t realize that somebody was recording our conversation.a. I didn’t realize that our conversation was recorded.b. I didn"t realize that our conversation was being recordedc. I didn"t realize that our conversation was being recorded by someone.d. Our conversation wasn"t realized khổng lồ be recorded.

Đáp án:1c 2b 3a 4b 5a 6d 7a 8b

Bài 2: Choose the best answer.

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1. “The longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long". "It_____ by Thelma Rivers".a. Was catchingb. Caughtc. Was caughtd. Catch

2. "I heard you decided to lớn take up tennis". "Yes, I have_____ every day".a. Been playedb. Been playingc. Playingd. Play

3. "Are we about khổng lồ have dinner?". "Yes, it _____ in the dinning room".a. Is servingb. Servesc. Is being servedd. Served

4. "Why is Stanley in jail?" "He_____ of robbery".a. Has been convictedb. Has been convictingc. Has convictedd. Convicted

5. "Where are Jack & Jan?" "They_____ the boxes you asked for into the house".a. Have been bringingb. Bringingc. Have been broughtd. Lớn bring

6. "Where"s the old chicken coop?" "It_____ by a windstorm last year".a. Destroyb. Is destroyedc. Was destroyedd. Destroyed

7. "We"re still looking for Thomas". "Hasn"t he_____ yet?".a. Been foundb. To findc. Foundd. Being found8. "Whatever happened t that fortune - teller?" "I don"t know. She _____ around her in a long time".a. Hasn"t seenb. Didn"t seec. Hasn"t been seeingd. Hasn"t been seen

9. "Diana is a wonderful ballet dancer". "She_____ since she was four".a. Has been dancingb. Has been dancedc. Is dancingd. Was danced

Đáp án1c 2b 3c 4a 5a 6c 7a 8d 9a


Cùng Kênh tuyển chọn Sinh ôn tập kiến thức và kỹ năng về câu tiêu cực trong tiếng Anh

Bài 3: Fill the blank with correct answer

1. The manager insisted …………….me a position in the company.A. For offering B. On offering C. In offer D. On offer

2. The flight attendant reminded the man that smoking…there.A. Was not allowed B. Is not allowed C. Not to allow D. Not allow

3. The little boy begged the lady …………..some soup.A. Give B. Gives C. Giving D. To give

4. They invited me ........... The weekend with them.A. Spends B. Spend C. Lớn spend D. Spending

5. He reminded me .......... The letter.A. Post B. To post C. Posting D. To lớn posting

6. I warned Jim .............. Playing with the snakes.A. For B. In C. Of D. Against

7. Mary apologized for ................. Him earlier.A. Not phoning B. Not phone C. Not to lớn phone D. Not to lớn phoning

Đáp án:1B; 2A; 3D; 4C; 5B; 6D; 7A;

Bài 4: Choose the underlined part that needs correction

1. Your electrical bill (A) must be paid (B) before (C) the last day (D) of the month.2. Some(A) accidents were (B) happened on (C) Arizona highway (D) last night.3. The national anthem(A) of Vietnam will be sing (B) by (C) our class tomorrow morning.4. A series(A) of conferences (B) are going to lớn (C) be held (D) next week.

Đáp án: 1. A (electrical bill => electricity bill)2. B (were => Ø)3. B (will be sing => will be sung)4. C (are going => is going)

Bài 5: sắp xếp từ thành câu trả chỉnh

1. Has/ The/ door/ opened./ been2. On/ is/ grass/ the/ prohibited./ Walking 3. Breakfast/ is/ at/ served/ 8.30.4. Spoken/ in/ English/ is/ shop./ that5. Were/ flowers/ The / this / morning. /watered/6. Meat/ been/ your/ The/ has/ cat!/ stolen/ by7. Is/ being/ Your/ hair/ brushed.8. If/ they/ naughty./ will/ be/ children/ punished/ The/ are9. Yet. / not/ car/ Your/ repaired/ is10. Because/ cake/ happy/ awful/ eaten!/ been/ am/ has/ I/ that

Đáp án1 - The door has been opened.2 - Walking on the grass is prohibited.3 - Breakfast is served at 8.30.4 - English is spoken in that shop.5 - The flowers were watered this morning.6 - The meat has been stolen by your cat!7- Your hair is being brushed.8 - The children will be punished if they are naughty.9 - our oto is not repaired yet.10 - I am happy because that awful cake has been eaten!