With its friendly interface, Cabri Express allows students to visualize & manipulate abstract mathematical concepts.

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The ứng dụng is a laboratory in which students explore, model and investigate without any limit.


This modern tiện ích includes:

a scientific, graphical & 3D calculator

an equation editor

and the essence of dynamic geometry facilitating an active learning of mathematical knowledge & skills.


To succeed in mathematics, students are helped with tutorials designed by a dynamic community of teachers.




“If someone tells me I have to lớn stop using Cabri, I would actually have khổng lồ ask them what else is there ? Because there is nothing better than Cabri.”

“You can vày no wrong using Cabri. Students can develop their mathematical reasoning và logic & may even discover things that the teacher hadn’t considered.”

“Cabri software is so easy khổng lồ use that any person who can use use a mouse is able to lớn learn lớn use the basic tools for learning by the over of a single lesson.”

Cabri II Plus

The most used interactive mathematics app in the world by middle & high school teachers.

Cabri 3D

The app that makes the 3rd dimension easily accessible to teachers as well as high school and college students.

Example of mathematical activity done with Cabri Express. A group of giant superheroes like to hang out in the Sonoran Desert as an adult. It takes them 2 years lớn reach their maximum gigantic <...>

Example of activity produced on Cabri Express: A ball dropped from the vị trí cao nhất of the Eiffel Tower hits the ground after a few seconds. Someone from thành phố new york wants to lớn throw a ball from <...>

After a natural disaster in a distant country, an association decides to lớn send basic food cartons. All boxes are made from identical square cardboard sheets. How khổng lồ find the dimensions of a box? Discover <...>

Taylor polynomials give rise to long formulas which are not immediately self evident. With Cabri Express, one can easily visualize the Taylor polynomials of a function and explore at which accuracy they approximate this <...>

Designing interactive 2 chiều multimedia activites with Cabri Elem Creator.No programming needed. Pedagogical authors can do it straight away.

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You can also contact us by mail:CABRILOG SAS 122 avenue du Vercors 38600 Fontaine FRANCECabrilog also answers you by:Phone*+33 (0) 4 76 43 97 00And Fax+33 (0) 4 76 86 17 90.* Office hours:Monday, Wednesday, Thursday và Friday from 9.30am to lớn 12pm (France hours).Attention: the standard is closed on Tuesday all day.


The company CABRILOG SAS (referred to hereinafter as “CABRILOG SAS”) conducts business activities involving the design, development, publishing, distribution và maintenance of “dynamic geometry” software based on Cabri technology, intended for teaching & training.

CABRILOG SAS is owner of the internet site www.cabri.com, referred to lớn hereinafter as “Site”.The purpose of Site is khổng lồ present user the products và services marketed by CABRILOG SAS và to offer on-line sales of such products và services.Access & use of Site are subject khổng lồ the terms và conditions appearing hereinafter & to the laws currently in force. In accessing Site, the user accepts said terms and conditions without limitation or reservation.

Identification of the company CABRILOG SAS

cabri.com / Technical services: support
cabri.com / Sales: sales

Limits of Liability

CABRILOG SAS give no guarantee with respect khổng lồ the availability or accessibility of Site or to lớn the absence of viruses.CABRILOG SAS may not be held liable for any damage that may occur as a result of fraudulent intrusion by a third tiệc ngọt causing information appearing on Site lớn be modified.Site is made available on an “as-is” basis without any further guarantee. Accordingly, CABRILOG SAS give no guarantee as to lớn the commercial value of Site, the satisfaction of the user or the ability of Site khổng lồ meet specific user requirements. CABRILOG SAS may not be held liable for any temporary or permanent damage sustained by user’s computer system or for any loss or damage (including but not limited lớn loss of data or profits) that may occur subsequent khổng lồ access or navigation on Site or khổng lồ utilisation of information contained on Site.Information regarding prices & the availability of products và services appearing on Site is provided for reference only and is subject to lớn change.

Links khổng lồ other website sites

Site displays liên kết to third-party website sites. CABRILOG SAS has no control over such sites or over their activities & declines all liability regarding their content.

Freedom of information

Site may be freely consulted without prior identification. CABRILOG SAS collects no personal data except for contact details in the event that general, sales or technical information is requested. Pursuant to French Freedom of Information Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, Site users have the right khổng lồ access, rectify and remove information concerning them. To lớn exercise said right or to lớn oppose data being disclosed khổng lồ a third party, Site users may write to lớn CABRILOG SAS (via post, fax or email)

Court Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

The terms và conditions applicable lớn use of Site are subject to French law.Any dispute in connection with the CABRILOG SAS mạng internet Site, including those involving third-party proceedings or multiple respondents, shall be referred to the sole jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Grenoble (38, France).

Intellectual Property

1) to tải về or modify all or part of Site;2) to use Site or the contents thereof (referenced products, descriptions, prices, download or copy of data on behalf of another retailer, use of data, software, sound clips, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools) for sale, commercial or non-commercial purposes or otherwise;3) to lớn reproduce, copy, sell or utilise all or part of Site for commercial purposes;4) khổng lồ utilise techniques enabling the copying of a trademark, logo sản phẩm or any other information (specifically images, texts, layouts);5) to lớn use meta tags or any other “hidden” text containing Seller’s name, trademark or logo.

CABRI GEOMETRE, CABRI, CABRILOG are registered trademarks of CABRILOG SAS. The use of said marks by third parties without prior written authorisation from CABRILOG SAS is strictly prohibited. Hàng hóa names, services & companies appearing on Site may be registered trademarks of third parties and are protected as such under intellectual property law.

Any rights that have not been expressly granted are reserved by CABRILOG SAS.



CABRILOG SAS is engaged in the design, development, editing, distribution & maintenance of « dynamic geometry » software, based on Cabri technology và designed for teaching & training purposes.CABRILOG SAS sells the user licences for its software, via Internet, facsimile, post or electronic mail.These General Terms of Sale are applicable to sales made via CABRILOG SAS’s mạng internet site.


Company: the company CABRILOG SASInternet Site: the Company’s mạng internet site https://cabri.com.Client: Any natural persons or legal entities who order one or more of the Company’s Products whether or not in connection with their professional activity.Product / Products: the user licence or licences offered for sale on the Company’s mạng internet Site.General Terms: all the provisions comprising these general terms of sale which apply to any order placed with the Company.Box Format: Product supplied in a box containing one (1) CD-ROM with all the files for the software for which the user licence is sold.Electronic Format: Product supplied in the form of a tệp tin that can be downloaded from the mạng internet Site.

Opposability of the General Terms

The fact of placing an order implies the Client’s full và unconditional acceptance of these General Terms. Any conflicting condition laid down by the Client, unless expressly accepted, shall not be opposable khổng lồ the Company regardless of the time at which the Company may have been informed of such condition. The fact that the Company does not at any given time enforce any one of these General Terms shall not be construed as waiving the right to subsequently enforce any one of the said terms. The Company reserves the right lớn adapt or modify the General Terms. In the sự kiện of modification, the General Terms applied khổng lồ any order shall be the General Terms in force on the day on which the order is placed.

Legal capacity

The Client declares that it possesses the capacity lớn enter into the present contract, the General Terms of which are presented hereafter, that is khổng lồ say, for natural persons, that he/she is of legal age and not under guardianship or trusteeship.

Choice of the Products

The Client declares that it possesses the capacity to enter into the present contract, the General Terms of which are presented hereafter, that is to say, for natural persons, that he/she is of legal age & not under guardianship or trusteeship. Choice of the Products The Client is alone responsible for the choice of the Product & its appropriateness for the Client’s needs. The Company assumes no responsibility in this respect. It is incumbent upon the Client khổng lồ ask the Company for any additional information và details concerning the characteristics of the sản phẩm or its use. After the Client has obtained information on the Products marketed by the Company và verified that they are compatible with the Client’s other equipment (hardware, software, configurations, etc.) & with the needs that it has determined, the Client records its order under its own responsibility. The Company shall not under any circumstances be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, of any nature whatsoever, related to lớn the use of or impossibility lớn use the hàng hóa sold. The Client can choose to order the sản phẩm in Box Format and/or in Electronic Format.

Order – Formation of the contract

At the time of the recording of the order placed on the mạng internet Site, a page entitled «Confirmation » is displayed enabling the Client to lớn verify/change the details of its order and verify the total price. The Client confirms the order by clicking the « Confirm the order » button at the bottom of the page. This gives access lớn the mạng internet Site page where the order can be definitively confirmed through payment. After payment, the Client receives confirmation of the recording of its order from the Company (by e‑mail). We advise the Client khổng lồ keep a copy of this e‑mail as proof of its order.

Price, payment và invoicing

The prices are quoted and invoiced as follows:– prices of the Products in euros excluding VAT– carriage charges excluding VAT– VAT amount– order amount including VAT.

The Company reserves the right khổng lồ change its prices at any time & undertakes lớn charge the prices in force at the time of the Client’s order. Any change in the VAT rate will be passed on to lớn the hàng hóa price including VAT. In the case of Products supplied lớn a Client outside the European Union, the price stated on the invoice will be calculated excluding VAT. Each Client is responsible for declaring và paying the VAT, customs duties, local taxes, import duties or other state tax payable in its own country. These duties & sums are not the responsibility of the Company. Orders placed via the internet Site are payable by credit card. For Box Format orders, the invoice is sent to the Client with the Product. For Electronic Format orders, the confirmation mail serves as invoice.

Carriage charges and delivery times

The Products ordered in Box Format will be delivered to the address given by the Client during the order process, within twenty trăng tròn days following the payment of the order. The delivery time given above is an average time depending on the destination, the method of delivery & the availability of the Product. The Company shall not be liable for the payment of any damages in the sự kiện of the above time being exceeded. The Company reserves the right lớn choose the carrier & guarantees the delivery of the Products. The Company will invoice the Client for the carriage charges.

Geographical zone of delivery

The Company delivers the Products in Box Format khổng lồ all countries served by the international postal services. The Company delivers the hàng hóa in Electronic Format anywhere where the full downloading of the files is possible via the network.

Verification of the Products in Box Format

It is up lớn the Client lớn verify the state of the packaging of the Products supplied in Box Format và to make sure that they conform to lớn the order placed. The Client must report any conspicuous defect or the non conformity of the Products supplied in Box Format within five (5) working days from the date of the Client’s receipt of the Products:– either by e mail to: sales
cabri.com– or by recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt requested sent lớn the following address: CABRILOG, 122 avenue du Vercors, 38600 Fontaine – FRANCE. The date of postmark shall be proof of dispatch date.

If no claim is made within the above mentioned time limit, the Products supplied in Box Format shall be deemed to lớn conform to lớn the order and to have been accepted by the Client. No sản phẩm shall be exchanged before having been returned lớn the Company và accepted by the latter, in good condition, in the same state as dispatched by the Company. In particular, the product must not have been unsealed.

Cancellation time

In accordance with the law, the Client is allowed seven (7) clear days, as from the date of receipt of its order, in which lớn cancel its order. During that time, the Client may, at its own expense & without any penalties, return any hàng hóa or Products that it does not find suitable. The Client may then choose between either returning the sản phẩm or Products và being reimbursed for the amount paid, or exchanging the hàng hóa or Products ordered. It is understood that the hàng hóa or Products returned at the expense of the Client must be in good condition, in the state as supplied by the Company.

Due to their duplicable nature, the software must be returned sealed or in its original packaging. Failing that, no exchange or reimbursement shall be made, unless the Client has proved that the hàng hóa contains a defect as specified by the article “Legal guarantee & after sale service” of these General Terms. Sản phẩm returns must necessarily be made to the postal address given in the article “Legal guarantee và after sale service”.

Legal guarantee và after sale service

In accordance with articles 1641 et sqq of the French Civil Code, the Client shall be covered by the statutory guarantee against concealed defects. Thus, in the event of a manufacturing defect in the sản phẩm making it unfit for the use for which it was intended, the Client may apply khổng lồ the Company’s after sale service:– either by sending an e mail to: sales
cabri.com– or by sending a recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt requested to lớn the Company at the following address: CABRILOG,122 avenue du Vercors, 38600 Fontaine – FRANCE.

The Client will then have the option of choosing between returning the Product và being reimbursed for the price, or keeping the Product and being reimbursed for part of the price. If the Client chooses to lớn return the Product, the cost of the return will be paid by the Company on the basis of the original method of delivery. The Client acknowledges that the Company has duly fulfilled its obligation of information.

Transaction security

Payment for purchases on line shall be made by credit card via the site of the Société Générale by means of automatic forwarding from the internet Site to the site of the Société Générale. In this way, no bank details concerning the Client transit via the Company. So as lớn optimise the security of the transactions on Internet, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on line payment system encrypts the Client’s credit card details.NB: in the event of the Client using a browser that is not compatible with the SSL system, the transaction will not be possible.

Right of title

The Company retains full ownership of the Products sold until full & complete payment of the price, including charges và taxes. The mere presentation of an order to pay shall not constitute payment. The above provisions shall not debar the transfer to lớn the Client of the risks of loss of or damage. Should the Client fail to pay the full price, including charges and taxes, the Company shall be entitled lớn demand the return of the goods delivered. Any expenses incurred in such returns shall be payable by the Client.

Software, guarantees and obligations

The software for which the user licence is sold on the mạng internet Site is guaranteed by its author, in accordance with the terms laid down in its documentation. The Company cannot give any guarantee whatever on the software & in particular on any defects or bugs. After complete payment of the price, & except for any contradicting clauses included in the licence attached to lớn the Product, the Client shall be granted a non transferable personal user licence for the software for an unlimited time exclusive of any right of ownership. In accordance with the legal and statutory provisions in force, the Client shall refrain from copying the software other than as authorized by law & from performing any act liable to undermine the rights of the authors, their assignees or the Company.

The use of the hàng hóa is subject khổng lồ the Client’s prior acceptance of the text of the user licence attached khổng lồ the product in paper format in the case of the Box Format và in the size of a computer file in the case of the Electronic Format.

By express agreement, the installation of the software on a computer shall constitute unconditional acceptance of the attached user licence.

Nominative information

In accordance with law no. 78 17 of 6 January 1978 relative khổng lồ data processing & freedom, the information requested from the Client is necessary for the processing of the Client’s order and is solely for the use of the Company. The Client has right of access khổng lồ the information concerning it. Upon request, this information can be communicated lớn the Client and, in the sự kiện of error or of modification, can be rectified. The Client can also prevent the communication of this information to lớn any third các buổi tiệc nhỏ by making a request lớn the Company in writing.

Force majeure

The Company disclaims all responsibility for any failure to lớn fulfil its contractual obligations in the event of a force majeure or chance event, including, but not limited to, disasters, fires, strikes within or outside the Company, failures or breakdowns within or outside the Company, & in general any sự kiện preventing the satisfactory execution of the orders.

Identification of the Company

CABRILOG, a French « société par actions simplifiée » with a capital of 84.480 eurosRegistered office: allée du Château, Cumane, 38160 Saint Sauveur – FRANCE Registered with the Trade Register of Grenoble under the number 429 695 513Offices: 122 avenue du Vercors, 38600 Fontaine – FRANCE.Electronic address: info

Entire rights và obligations

The General Terms and related headings (order, security, payment, delivery, guarantee, after sale service) constitute the entire rights và obligations of the Company và of the Client concerning the orders of Products on the mạng internet Site. No general or special term communicated by the Client shall be integrated into the General Terms. If one of the clauses of the General Terms is declared khổng lồ be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by a court for any reason whatsoever, this clause shall be deemed lớn be dissociated from the other clauses and shall in no way affect the validity or opposability of the other clauses.

Applicable law – Litigation

The General Terms shall be governed by French law. In the event of any dispute in connection with the interpretation or performance of any of the provisions of the General Terms & should the Company & the Client fail lớn come lớn an amicable agreement, the dispute shall be referred to lớn the French courts.

to tải về or modify all or part of Site;to use Site or the contents thereof (referenced products, descriptions, prices, download or copy of data on behalf of another retailer, use of data, software, sound clips, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools) for sale, commercial or non-commercial purposes or otherwise;to reproduce, copy, sell or utilise all or part of Site for commercial purposes;to utilise techniques enabling the copying of a trademark, logo sản phẩm or any other information (specifically images, texts, layouts);to use meta tags or any other “hidden” text containing Seller’s name, trademark or logo.

CABRI, CABRI GEOMETRE và CABRI GEOMETRY are trademarks of Texas Instruments & are used under license. CABRILOG is a registered trademark of CABRILOG SAS. The use of said marks by third parties without prior written authorisation from their respective owner is strictly prohibited. Hàng hóa names, services và companies appearing on Site may be registered trademarks of third parties and are protected as such under intellectual property law.

Any rights that have not been expressly granted are reserved by CABRILOG SAS.

Cabri Express License

Cabrilog SAS (hereinafter “Cabrilog”) hereby grants you as a licensee of the application (hereinafter “the licensee”) a right of use and not a right of ownership whatever it might be of the Cabri Express application (hereinafter “the application”) to be used online or offline, as well of its associated documentation.

These terms và conditions are intended to lớn define the terms of use of the application Cabri Express. Some features of the application are offered as complements to those of the không tính tiền version as addendums (see below).

By using the Cabri Express application, you agree in full to lớn the terms và conditions of this agreement.


Cabri Express: Software application for teaching & learning mathematics;

Cabrilog SAS: Company owner of Cabri Express, holding all the intellectual property rights of the application;

Licensee: Person physical (eg student, teacher, school counselor, author of educational content, …) using the application Cabri Express;

Storage space: Area on a server, possibly allowing a user of Cabri Express khổng lồ save documents created during a session with Cabri Express & to re-open later;

Evaluation module: Type of usage of Cabri Express allowing the automatic evaluation of the activity of an individual student or of a class;

Author module: Type of usage of Cabri allowing access khổng lồ all the offered functionalities (of dynamic mathematics & evaluation), in particular for the creation of highly interactive activities & possibly evaluable automatically by the user himself or a teacher;

FREE individual license: miễn phí license allowing the use of Cabri in an individual setting at trang chủ or in class as long as it is not generalized to the entire school concerned.

Some Cabri Express features such as storage & evaluation capabilities may be limited under such license;

PAY license (academic, institutional, publication of contents,…): pay license to lớn be used in academic, institutional or for the publication of contents, allowing the use of extended functionalities, possibly without limitations, offered within the framework of the Cabri Express application.

Such license may be governed by additional license agreements to this general license agreement. Further details on Cabri Express’s non-free licenses can be obtained by visiting https://cabri.com or by emailing at info

Using Cabri Express

As stated in the preamble, the use of the Cabri Express application & accompanying tools or documentation is subject to lớn the unrestricted acceptance of the terms of this document. The application allows you to lớn access a mathematical kit integrating a scientific & graphical calculator, an equation editor, a dynamic geometry constructions editor, features for evaluation of the mathematical activity of the user, in the size of a dynamic mathematical environment.

Cabri Express can contain information, data, texts, videos, written messages và comments, graphics and interactive animations called “contents”. The use, reproduction, modification, distribution or storage of such contents for purposes other than the use of the application under the terms of the license is expressly prohibited. The licensee, in the case of a không lấy phí license, is therefore not authorized to sell, use or otherwise exploit such contents, in particular for purposes likely to generate revenue.

Obligations of the licensee

Cabrilog does not grant licensees any other right than lớn use Cabri Express for the aforementioned purposes. As a result, the licensees are forbidden :

• khổng lồ broadcast the nội dung of Cabri Express (executable, activities) by any means whatsoever, for any purpose likely to lớn generate revenue;

• To tải về Cabri Express other than in the cases authorized by Cabrilog and, more generally, to lớn exploit và / or use all or part of the elements of the software by any means & in any khung whatsoever for any purpose other than those expressly authorized.

In the case of paper-based or 3 chiều printing, the licensee guarantees that all the information appearing on the printed content relating lớn the protection of rights will be reproduced without modifications. These prints may be used, in the case of a không lấy phí license, only by the licensee for personal purposes for its own private use to lớn the exclusion of all others and may in no case be disseminated khổng lồ not allowed third parties.

Any use of the contents of Cabri Express or any of its elements contrary to the present ones will incur the responsibility of the licensee in particular with respect lớn Cabrilog, và will likely expose her or him to lớn penal sanctions.

Any reverse engineering kích hoạt involving Cabri Express is expressly deemed unlawful.

In addition, in case of violation by the licensee of any of the clauses of this license, Cabrilog will be entitled by law và without notice lớn suspend the licensee’s access lớn Cabri Express.


Cabrilog’s responsibility can not be investigated for failures caused by any event, in particular due to possible network congestion (internet or local) or even if the equipment & connections of the licensee are defective, not compatible or technically insufficient or unsuitable for this type of exploitation.

Similarly, it is up khổng lồ the licensee lớn ensure that the filtering and/or protection devices that she has put in place bởi vì not prevent access lớn Cabri Express, nor the operation of the application.

Cabrilog strives khổng lồ ensure to lớn the best of its ability the accuracy & updating of the information contained in the application which it reserves the right to correction, at any time and without notice.

Cabrilog also reserves the right at any time khổng lồ discontinue, temporarily or permanently the application with or without notice. It is agreed that Cabrilog is not liable to lớn you or any third các buổi tiệc nhỏ for any modification, suspension, termination or discontinuance of the service.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features that extend or enhance Cabri Express, including the release of new tools & resources, may be added to the application and made available to you, possibly as a paid extension.

Cabrilog may, at its sole discretion, modify the features of Cabri Express without notice.

Cabrilog does not guarantee that the application will meet your needs, or that the application will run without interruption or error free.

Consequently, Cabrilog declines any responsibility:

• for any occurrence of bugs or other event rendering Cabri Express unsuitable for its use;

• for any inaccuracy or omission concerning the information available in the Cabri Express application;

• and more generally for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause or nature, resulting from the consultation và use of Cabri Express.

Property / Intellectual Rights

Cabrilog retains ownership of all property rights of Cabri Express. This license does not grant any intellectual property rights to the licensee.

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These conditions may be modified in accordance with a possible evolution of the application Cabri Express. Also the licensee is invited lớn consult these conditions regularly. Continued continued use of the Cabri Express application as a result of any amendment lớn these terms of use is equivalent to lớn their acceptance.

Contact information

All notices và other correspondence should be sent lớn the following address: