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Giải SBT tiếng Anh 7 Unit 9: At home and awayA. A holiday in Nha Trang (Bài 1-6 trang 79-81 SBT giờ Anh 7)

1. (trang 79 SBT giờ Anh 7): Write the past size of the verbs

a) Regular b) Irrigular

arrive arrived be was/ were

help helped have had

look looked go went

receive received take took

remember remembered buy bought

rent rented see saw

return returned think thought

stop stopped wear worn

walk walked put put

visit visited eat ate

speak spoke

teach taught

give gave

get got

2. (trang 79 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Complete the sentences. Use the past form of the verbs in brackets.

Bạn đang xem: Unit 9

a. I saw a lot of beautiful fish at Tri Nguyên Aquarium.

b. They went to Ha Long cất cánh for their last summer vacation.

c. My friend took me to see Tay Phuong Pagoda.

d. We spoke to lớn some American tourists.

e. She received a lot of gifts on her birthday.

f. Lan bought a yellow cap, và she wore it all day.

g. I was in Ho chi Minh city for One week.

i. My teacher taught me to iove animals.

j. They were very happy in Viet nam in spring festival.

3. (trang 80 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Write the questions with “Did ...?” and give the answers with MYesor No”

a. Did you go to Vung Tau last Tet vacation?

- Yes, I did.

b. Did she have a lot of new friends in Nha Trang?

— No, she didn’t.

c. Did his uncỉe take him lớn see Cham Temple?

- No, he didn’t.

d. Did Liz buy a lot of souvenirs?

- Yes, she did.

e. Did they put the fish in a big bag?

- No, they didn’t.

f. Did you eat only meat in your meals in Nha Trang?

- No, I didn’t.

g. Did he think the little fish was the most beautiful?

- Yes, he did.

h. Did tía wear the cap vvith a dolphỉn on it?

- No, he didn’t.

l. Did Liz teach ba any English?

- Yes, she did.

j. Did they speak to Liz about her vacation in Nha Trang?

- No, they didn’t.

4. (trang 80 SBT giờ Anh 7): Put the words in the correct order khổng lồ make the sentences. Use thewords in the past simple tense.

a. Liz remembered her trip to lớn Nha Trang.

b. Hoa bought a lot of things for her birthday party.

c. They saw various kinds of fish.

e. They thought the vacation in Nha Trang was wonderful.

f. We rented a oto to go around the City.

5. (trang 81 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Match unflnished sentences on the left with ones on the right.

l + f 2 + d 3 + b 4 + i 5 + h

6 + a 7 + c 8 + e 9 + j 10 + g

6. (trang 81 SBT giờ Anh 7): Complete the sentences vvith the correct forms of the words inbrackets.

a. The colorful little fish were the most beautiíuỉ in the aquarium.

b. My pen pal helped me with my stamp collection when she was in Viet Nam.

c. My uncle is a painter and decorator.

d. Lan thinks sevving is a useful hobby.

e. My mother bought a beautiful vvhite dress for my birthday.

B. Neighbors (Bài 1-8 trang 82-86 SBT giờ đồng hồ Anh 7)

1. (trang 82 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Use the past khung of the verbs in the box khổng lồ complete the sentences.

a. Borrovved b.decorated c. Learned/ learnt d. Helped e. Remembered

f. Arrived g. Watched h. Talked i. Decided j. Received

2. (trang 82-83 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Complete the sentences with the verbs in the negative.

a. Didn’t like b. Didn’t borrow c. Didn’t see d. Didn’t put

e. Wasn’t f. Didn’ t decorate g. Didn’tretum

3. (trang 83 SBT giờ Anh 7): Write the questions with Wh-words. The first One is done for you.

a. What did they play last week?

b. When did you decorate your classroom?

c. What did Hoa try on?

d. Who did he talk to lớn about the film on TV?

Who talked to lớn the teacher about the film on TV?

e. Who did your father take khổng lồ the movie theatre yesterday?

Who took your sister to the movie theatre yesterday?

f. Where did they stop on their way back?


h. Where did you put the cake?

i. Who did Hoa help with the housework?

j. What time did you leave home for school yesterday?

k. What did ba receive from Liz?

4. (trang 83-84 SBT giờ đồng hồ Anh 7): Read và then write the answers to lớn the questions.

a. Ba gave Hoa a pencil box.

b. No, he didn’t.

c. He made it yesterday.

d. He made it from a piece of wood.

e. He borrowed aỉi the toois from his father.

f. His father heỉped him.

g. He cut the flower into the lid.

h. He needed a very Sharp knife.

i. It took him a couple of hours.

5. (trang 85 SBT giờ đồng hồ Anh 7): Match the questỉons và answers.

1 - f 2 - j 3 - c 4 - b 5 - d

6 - g 7 - i 8 - h 9 - a 10 - e

6. (trang 85 SBT giờ Anh 7): Complete the sentences with less or fewer.

a. Fewer b. Fewer c. Less d. Fewer e. Less

f. Less - fewer g. Less h. Fewer i. Less h. Fewer

7. (trang 86 SBT giờ Anh 7): Look at the scntences be!ow và put a tick next to lớn those that usefewer, less or more correctly.

a. These days there are less bicycles on the road.

b. I’ve got fewer cakes than she was.

c. I need lớn drínk more milk.

d. My mother seems lớn have less time these day

e. My doctor advised me khổng lồ eat fewer saỉt.

f. There are less mistakes in your homework today.


h. Spurs scored less goaỉs last season than Arsenal.

i. There is more sunshine in the South.

j. My house has less rooms than the one next door.

8. (trang 86 SBT tiếng Anh 7): Write new sentences, using more, less or fewer. The first one is donefor you.

a. I have fewer pairs of shoes than my sister does.

b. I drink less milk than my brother does every day.

c. I ate more cakes than Lan did at the các buổi party last night.

d. I visited fewer countries than my cousin did last year.

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e. There were fewer studcnts in the music class yesterday.

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