Many people believe that the higher the IQ, the more successful it is, but that is not entirely true because IQ is only a small part of the success of a human being. So IQ 123 is good? Should you value too much?

I. IQ 123 - You are smart

The average human IQ is 75-100, so IQ 123 is higher than average. This means that you have the better perception of average human perception. If you focus on doing a certain job, you will definitely succeed.Many studies have shown that only 115 IQs will not be limited to any occupation. So with IQ 123 is absolutely good.

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II. What does an IQ of 123 mean?

Intelligence IQ does not measure human intelligence or evaluate the ability khổng lồ perform tasks in life. According to Richard Nisbett, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, IQ does not value creativity or human curiosity.

IQ cannot be used as a criterion for teachers và parents khổng lồ evaluate the feelings of children. According khổng lồ Van Gemert, it would be a mistake lớn admit that children with high IQ are no better than a super brain. IQ is just one part of the formation of human beings. It's like blue eyes, big legs, or other traits depending on the individual.


Some scientific studies have shown that intelligent people with high IQ account for only 25% of all successful individuals in life. What about 75% of the rest? Certainly, these people do not have high IQ. By the side of IQ, the factor that leads khổng lồ career success is the EQ (Emotional Quotient). While the IQ can measure the intellectual & mental capabilities of a person, EQ can help you develop many other skills such as communication skills, behavior & leadership skills. This is really important khổng lồ create success as expected.

III. IQ may change over time

There are many factors that cause a person's IQ lớn change over time, such as căng thẳng or nutrition. Professor Nisbett's research shows that low socioeconomic children who are adopted & living in middle-class families will be able to lớn increase their IQ by 15-20 points.According lớn Nisbett, heredity does not affect much of the IQ as many people think. New environmental factors have the potential to lớn impact human IQ.

In one study, the researchers tested the smart numbers of 33 teenagers & repeated the tests four years later. In a short time, IQ of some people have changed more than trăng tròn points.


Three-and-four-year-olds can be considered geniuses if they read books for older students or speak another language. However, no one can be sure that intelligence from childhood will help them outperform younger children in different stages of life.For adults too, the smartness index will also change due to lớn the impact of external factors such as the environment, the accumulation process. So, with IQ 123 you can completely improve it.

IV. IQ does not determine success or failure

According khổng lồ Van Gemert, low or high IQ is not a factor in determining the likelihood of success or failure. Good habits, persistence, and serious work etiquette are as important as innate intelligence. Even if you vị not develop your own qualities & abilities, then each person's intelligence will be wasted.


In fact, many students và students have high IQ but cannot succeed because they lack the curiosity, creativity, and ability to lớn get along with others.

So, with IQ 123 you are not necessarily more successful than those with only 100 IQs if you do not persist in learning and trying. Conversely, people with IQ are very high in genius, but if they do not try & refrain from improving their knowledge, sometimes they will not be as successful as you. So always try your best in life so that you can achieve your goals.

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V. What to bởi to improve IQ

Instead of sitting there complaining and bored and accepting that you are selfish, learn to lớn become more independent. Do not let others tell you who you are, prove khổng lồ you who you really are! You can choose lớn accept that number và believe that you were born khổng lồ be a failure, just vì chưng it, otherwise, act khổng lồ change it.


Remember, each person is an independent individual. The Earth has more than 7 billion people và no one else. So stop comparing yourself with anyone else. Maybe they are better than you at an IQ, but maybe you are superior to lớn them in another respect. Only you have not discovered yet.IQ low but self-deprecating and/or let down, cannot permanently develop. Attitude is the key is the most important you!Moreover, IQ 123 is not low, you just have khổng lồ try a little can become genius!

In short, the IQ 123 is a good score và at this point, if you always try, focus & persistently pursue passion then surely success will come to you. Wish you soon to achieve success as expected!